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  • Your Vagrant/Puppet development environment does not work on your friends pc?

    Reacently I shared a development environment with a colleague. When he started up the vm he got an error message stating that some settings where incorrect from vagrant (sorry, I don’t have the message to paste in here). When he ran the vm from the VirtualBox gui he got this error message:

    It turned out my colleatues pc did not support hardware virtualization and thus could not use 64 bit vms. No big deal, he switched to use lucid32.box instad and everything was fine 🙂

  • Veewee and ubuntu-10.04.3

    You want to create a VirtualBox with Ubuntu 10.04.3 using Veewee, but there is no ubuntu-10.04.3 template?

    Here is what you can do:

    Download (git clone) a copy of veewee from GitHub and copy the templates.

    To verify that you have the new templates: